Conceptual design

Conceptual design: the recipe to online marketing success.
This is a creative process, from your first input over the evolution of those ideas to a realisable concept.

Collection and exploration of ideas

This creative process starts off with collecting and exploring ideas. Communication and creativity is what is needed to get ideas to the very best and end up with a concept which later can be practised.

Development of a strategy to communicate your brand values

Every brand is different and individual. So every website has to be custom-made. In cooperation with you, we develop a strategy to make it appeal to the correct target group in order to increase your business volume.

Illustration of screen design

Once the strategy and the code of practice have been developed, first sketches will be drawn. Round by round we will get closer to the final screen design which will be the guideline for the later web design.

Functionalities and feasibility

The explored ideas from the very first beginning will be reviewed towards best practice and feasibility. Investigation on the best system for your web solution will lead to a road map showing you how to system-wise get to your target. This road map later will be used for the web development.

Long term strategy for online marketing

Having a recipe for the implementation of your website, a strategy for promoting it will be developed. Search engine optimisation, social media marketing and classified ads, like google adwords, are the tools for developing online publicity. Read more here.