We focus on what we specialise in. We focus on what is important to you: Consulting, conceptual design, web design, web development and positioning.
Success on the internet is less of a lucky coincidence than you may think. Success online is the result of a series of interacting processes, going from consulting about opportunities and risks over the conceptual design, web design, web development , to the positioning of your company in the proper environment.

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1. Consulting

In the first place, it is important to us to properly consult you about what you should do and what you shouldn`t do.  If our relationship stays consulting-based, it is not too bad. We only sell you what makes sense for your individual situation.

Consulting: your opportunities and risks on the internet

2. Conceptual design

An all-embracing conceptual design is the basis to the later implementation, thus the first step to successful online marketing. This concept includes:

  • Strategy to communicate your brand values
  • Investigation on technological feasibility
  • Online marketing strategy
  • The concept forms your strategic target into a “development recipe”.

    Conceptual design: a recipe to success

    3. Web design

    Considering your corporate identity, the web design is an homage to your company and reflects its values. The design of your website is the face of your company on the internet and represents you emotionally and informationally.

    Web design: brand values, target group and intuitive operation>

    4. Web development

    Hand in hand with you, we develop your website or online shop, transforming the web design into an interactive website. This web solution is the framework for your content: the platform on which happens what ever you have in mind.

    Web development: planning, realisation and systems

    5. Positioning

    So the platform exists, your content is online – what happens now?

    • First option: wait and see. It is a fact that today`s sophisticated search engines register the content/ websites which they like and then this content automatically gets distributed.
    • Second option: let`s say ‘enforce’ the distribution a bit. Therefore we take several different coordinated and planned remedies, which we would like to inform you about on the following pages.

    Positioning: systematically lead people onto your website